Whatup Summer?!

Working for bikinis and shorts

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You know that joke about fitblrs and oatmeal?

Well, that will pretty much be my life for the next week. And every two weeks for the rest of the summer. I have a week on/week off schedule with my parents, so this week I’m with my dad. Apparently my dad, his wife and her son like to keep absolutely no real food in the house. I mean nearly nothing. They don’t even have eggs. No fruit. No vegetables. All over processed, nasty “food.”
What they do have:
McCann’s steel cut Irish oats (currently on the stove), Chobani, hummus (with no veggies to dip!!!), salsa, salad (which is reserved for dinner), frozen blueberries (I do like those), canned corn, and some nuts.
I know I sound like a spoiled food brat, but I just enjoy real food a lot more than chemical ridden “food.”
Rant over.

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